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Speak Your Peace
09/01/2015 — 09/30/2015

Inspired by Amnesty International’s symbol (a candle wrapped in barbed wire) and their work for human rights, the

first 7 Moksha studios celebrated International Human Rights Day with a candle lit class in 2004... and SPEAK YOUR

PEACE was born. The day we celebrate and the organization we support has since changed, but our intention remains

the same – to REACH OUT and effect positive change, by lending our community strength to an organization that

aligns with our 7 Pillars and is doing extraordinary things in the world.

This year, through the donation of our August and September Karma Class funds, a Candlelit Karma Class held on

International Day of Peace (September 21st), and other optional community-inspired events, we offer our collective

support to Pull-Together.

In support of: Raven Trust

$84084% Raised of $1,000 Goal