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Grow Your Yoga 2014 - 30 Day Challenge

2014 marks Moksha/Modo Yoga’s 5th annual GROW YOUR YOGA campaign – a 30-day community-wide
challenge with the intention to inspire life by embracing a daily yoga practice.

Participants are encouraged to practice yoga every day from May 1st to 30th and to sign up for the GROW YOUR YOGA newsletter – an online publication inspired by the Moksha/Modo community's 7 pillars; Be Healthy, Be Accessible, Live Green, Sangha Support, Reach Out, Live to Learn, and Be Peace. These newsletters serve to inspire the world around us by providing daily suggestions for taking your practice out of the hot room and into your daily life. In addition, Moksha/Modo Yoga studios across North America will be donating 100% of their April & May Karma Class funds to a collective cause. Last year, we raised more than $84,000 for The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, and this year our goal is to donate $100,000 to BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS – an organization that matches children facing adversity with caring adult volunteers.

Sign-up for the challenge begins April 1st at Moksha Yoga Brampton.
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Build Your Practice FROM THE GROUND UP! (Pt. 1)

April 27: The first part of this workshop will examine the basic principles of Moksha yoga series and how to use a variety of props to support the body in various asanas.

May 4: In the second half we continue studying the asanas and have some fun with inversions. We will also then focus on the Vinyasa flow, breaking it part to part, to really understand.
Learn how to take your practice deeper by using the right muscles and engaging and strengthening the upper body, spine and abdominal muscles. Understand every pose and the benefits.
We will discuss in detail why the standing series is set the way it is and how it thoroughly warms the body making it ready for the floor series opening the hips and focusing on the health of the spine. We will then touch base on the floor series and how they can relieve tension, help treat lower back and knee pain, and improve posture.
Part one/two: $30 or $25 early bird.
Purchase both: $45 or $40 early bird.

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Karma Class in Honour of Ali Mustafa

Ali Mustafa was a freelance photojournalist, who died on March 9th - along with seven others - at the hands of the Syrian government. He was trying to rescue survivors from bombings in rebel-held Aleppo, but couldn’t escape the fatal air strikes that followed. He travelled to Syria to document the lives and struggles of the Syrian people who he described as “the best of people I could ever know, the worst of fates I could ever imagine.” His commitment and solidarity continue to inspire all of us.

Join us for a special karma class on April 27th at 6:30pm, as we come together as a community, in honour of a brave soul who left too soon. All proceeds from this class will go towards OCAP (Ontario Coalition against Poverty), an organization that Ali was part of and passionate about.

There will be live music by our special friends, and Kirtan artists, John William Bauld and Shonna Brown. Come and bring your family and friends, on this night of solidarity!