studio events and workshops

SEPTEMBER 12 to OCTOBER 10: Fall Thanksgiving Food Drive

From Sep. 12th until Oct. 10th, help us support Single Mothers In Progress through our studio’s Thanksgiving Food Drive. Food and clothing donations are greatly appreciated.

Please drop off all donations in our drive box at the studio. Thank you!

SEPTEMBER 21: Speak Your Peace Candle-lit Class


Inspired by Amnesty International’s symbol (a candle wrapped in barbed wire) and their work for human rights, the first 7 Moksha Yoga studios celebrated International Human Rights Day with a candle-lit class.

The day we celebrate has since changed. The symbol and meaning remains the same.

On International Day Of Peace, we harness the strength of the Moksha/Modo Yoga community through the SPEAK YOUR PEACE campaign to show our support for the basic human rights of all. We donate our Karma Class funds to local charities bringing peace to the world at every level and practice by candlelight to symbolize a burning passion to work for speak for peace.

On September 21st, we’ll sweat for peace. Join us for a 6pm candle-lit class, as we stand together to give a voice to the voiceless, through the peaceful movement of yoga practice.

OCTOBER 17 to 20: The Heartsong Retreat

Looking for an excuse to do yoga in California?!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to access the deepest parts of your Truest Self, find out what your True purpose is, and/or develop the intuition that will always Guide you to living the life you are meant to live?

Join us this fall for an extraordinary journey in understanding and experiencing the depths of a thriving Conscious Lifestyle.
For a more information about the retreat, additional details and to register please visit:

This amazing and transformational retreat is held in the stunning Lake Arrowhead area of Southern California. Nestled in the hills at the UCLA Conference center we invite you to experience breathtaking nature, deep and profound Self Realization, conscious community and a clear vision for the life you were meant to Live!

Be sure you book now to take advantage of early registration pricing!