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Spring Cleanse with Ayurveda

As the season changes, our bodies require a different diet and lifestyle to stay balanced. Mind body awareness techniques, such as yoga, help us to naturally want to make such changes. Spring is a time of increased warmth and wetness. Winter is predominantly a cold, damp season which causes kapha dosha to accumulate (earth and water elements). In this workshop we will learn the foundation of this 5000 year old wisdom called Ayurveda, we will learn how to counter balance the qualities of Kapha dosha with food, lifestyle, yoga asana and pranayama.

You will leave with plenty of knowledge and a handout to get you started on your daily natural regimen. Most importantly you will learn how to stay aligned with the seasons and your environment so that your body can stay strong and rejuvenated after the cleanse.

Early bird pricing: $35 before March 10th

$40 after March 10th

Moksha members receive 15% off before March 10

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Pre-Natal Yoga and Ayurveda with Paras

Pre-natal yoga sessions are coming to the studio!! 

What is Prenatal Yoga and Ayurveda: 

The principle and practice of both yoga and ayurveda can help you honour your pregnancy and the birth of your child as an important time in you life. The practice of yoga reduces stress, deepens your breath awareness, connect to your baby and find deeper connection to your partner. You will also find increased strength and reduce lower back pains. The wisdom of Ayurveda introduces diet and lifestyle changes that benefit both you and your baby. Together they help you experience radiant health and abundant joy during your pregnancy and birth. The exercises and practices we will work on are intended to spark your own self-discovery and help you move inwards during this personal journey, resulting in an encounter with the powerful, wise, intuitive woman inside you.  

10 Sessions Starting April 5th!

Every Sunday from 10am-1130am, 90minutes 

$199 plus HST for all 10 sessions

Space is VERY limited only 25 spot

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Flow into Spring with Lisa White

Flow into Spring

A vinyasa class and meditation to deepen your connection to the earth. Come explore the healing energy and transformational currents of; breath, movement, sound, chakras, and the power of your awakened HEART. Come flow with me!!!

A 2 hour workshop- style practice.

Some familiarity with Moksha Flow or Vinyasa is recommended

Only $30 +hst per student Limited spots!

Members get 15% off

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Acro Yoga- Around the World

About Us:

Sebastian's love for yoga came about after years of formal meditation practice. The joy of finding stillness and peace in the heart of movement compelled him to expand his practice with teacher training, during which he met Kaelyn. Kaelyn's love for yoga directly evolved from her background in martial arts. Her practice helped heal various injuries and gave her a deeper awareness into the importance of breath and alignment. Together they discovered how partner yoga cultivates greater depth, mindfulness and connection. They both received certification from Acro Yoga Montreal and are excited to share their knowledge, joy and experience.

About the Workshop: 

This acroyoga workshop is ideal for those that have some basic acro yoga experience and some experience with inversions. In this exciting workshop we will be exploring the "AROUND THE WORLD" flow. This is an important flow that takes some of the most fundamental static acroyoga poses, a bit of fancy footwork and weaves them into a beautiful spinning acroasana mala.

What's involved? A brief summary of the fundamentals of acro yoga, some acroyoga calibrations and some variations on folded leaf, bat and birdie.

Don't forget to bring your acro passports!

Early bird special pricing $35 ends on March 15th

Price after March 15th $40

Members get a 15% discount on early bird pricing only!

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