Chantel Simm

Always an athlete, I initially used yoga as an outlet for a different type of physical activity then what I was used to.
However, from my first class it was apparent that it was not just for the physical. The mental and emotional clarity I felt from that first class could only be described as the ‘yoga high’
and I wanted to experience that all the time and be able to give that to other people.
Then I found Moksha and it was like coming home- the people, the environment, the teachers- welcoming, nurturing and full of peace.
It only seemed natural that after 5 years of practice and graduating with a Psychology degree that this would be my next step in life.

Student first, and teacher second, I look forward to growing through each experience and grasping as much knowledge as I can to share in my classes and with everyone around me.
Eventually, my goal is focused on using and developing yoga as therapy for children with autism.