Patti Washington

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” ~ John Wayne

That’s how I choose to live and the way I encourage my clients and those who attend my meditation classes to live: with courage! Each person who begins the yoga and meditation journey is seeking something, whether to learn about themselves, find more peace, better health, more mobility, calm their mind or to find something they have yet to be able to name. Each yogi, yogini or meditator has just taken their first step into something courageous just by taking the time to show up!

My first step began on a day when I was learning about the benefits of mindfulness meditation. My instructor had taken us on a journey to meet our future self. The visualization was in a conference room with 45 people. I had never truly meditated before, although I had followed a few online meditations. I remember thinking “I can’t sit still long enough for this” and “I’ll probably start to itch or laugh.” As I just followed his words, and allowed myself to follow instead of lead. I gave into the words and the breath and followed the journey where he led. I recall it so vividly that the day will never leave my mind. As I slipped into the story he wove, I saw my future self. She was absolutely beautiful! Not as much outer beauty, but an inner shining beauty that beamed from within. She was happy with who she was. She was at peace and fulfilled in all she had accomplished and didn’t struggle financially.

The story went on and on and I will never forget the feelings more than the visual story that I witnessed. Time and external fears of judgement were not anywhere in this space, only pure and complete love and happiness, security and peace. Even a feeling of hope for the future was there, at a time in my life that I almost didn’t think I could ever find that again.

THIS is why I host meditation. To be able to take even just one person to find this feeling and inspire them to continue to seek this inner peace drives me every day to host. Once you have experienced the peace and happiness that meditation can bring, you will forever seek it’s company. I invite you to come join me and the others who come weekly at Moksha each Tuesday evening at 7:15 to begin your journey. I invite you to let go of fear and live life the way you are meant to: boldly, with courage and like it is your last day!

When I took my first class at Moksha Yoga Brampton in 2011, it was like I had found my home! The blend of yoga and meditation practice truly brought it together. Hosting meditation here since then has brought so much joy and allowed me a means to give back and connect.

My diverse journey has led me around the globe teaching, learning, working, raising a family, becoming a successful entrepreneur. My training as a Life Coach was where I discovered the peace and focus that mindfulness meditation can bring. I invite you to come begin your journey and try all types of meditation and breathing techniques to compliment your yoga practice.