What You’ll Need

The best way to start your yoga class is by being prepared! Here’s what to bring:

Trust us, whether you drink it in class or after you are going to want some good ol’ H20!

Yoga Mat
You could practice on the hot room’s hard wood floor but that’s just asking for trouble.

Mat Towel
This one is up to you. If you haven’t tried hot yoga before you’re going to want have one. Your mat gets slippery quick!

Comfortable Clothes

Wear what ever you can practice comfortably in.

Shower Towel
Chances are, after a hot class you are going to want to shower.

You’re Awesome Self
That’s right, because we can not wait to meet you :).

Don’t have a yoga mat? Forgot your mat towel? Can’t find your trusty water bottle? No worries we’ve got ya covered! All items are $2 to rent.